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Welcome to my site

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Hi 😀

Welcome to this space where I want to share this journey I recently started in which I am experimenting with some little projects in the Learning and Development field. I am an electronic engineer but I always enjoy that part of my job where I have to share my knowledge with my colleagues. In my professional career as engineer when I had to develop training materials I was so excited! Even more excited than when I had to do purely engineering work :O

The good thing is that among all my engineering work I always find opportunities to develop courses, documentation, work instructions, training materials, operation manuals, and assessment tools. And If I don’t have the opportunity at work, then I create opportunities to create content like in my Spanish blog (thaisgomez.wordpress.com), where I share my experiences of being a Venezuelan living in Australia, or like the Spanish classes I teach sometimes when I find enthusiastic students that want to learn my native language.

In the next posts I’ll share more in detail my little projects in L&D*. For the moment, thanks so much for visiting this site.

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Enjoying this journey

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Enjoying this journey

*L&D: Learning and Development.


About Author


I am an electronic engineer curious about the learning and development field. I think there are many opportunities out there to fully develop our potentials.


Lori Strongin

January 5, 2016at 12:56 pm

I absolutely LOVE the layout of your blog, Thais. Very clean and easy to navigate, but even more, the way you’ve designed your posts make your blog FUN to read!

Looking forward to sharing another learning journey with you!



    January 5, 2016at 2:17 pm

    Thanks Lori 🙂 I’m glad you like it.

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