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Welcome page - Benefits of Educating Girls

Benefits of Educating Girls

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I recently had the opportunity to watch the documentary “Girl Rising” (Girl rising, 2013) and it was like an eye opener experience to me. I not only watched the documentary as any other TV show you would sit and watch on a Sunday afternoon, but I also got really touched by this documentary.

According to the Let Girls Learn initiative from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID, 2015), sixty-two million girls around the world are not in school. To address this issue, there is only one key word and it is “Education”.

If adults and the community in general are aware of this problematic and the benefits that educating girls could bring to the society, to the communities in socio-economical difficulties, and to the world economy, then actions could be taken to address this situation and help girls accessing and completing educational programs.

As part of a project I had to develop in my master’s degree, I decided to work on this topic and created an instructional module with three topics as follows:

  1. The current problematic of girls not accessing education.
  2. The benefits that bring educating girls into their health, general well being, families, local communities, and the global economy.
  3. The different ways the general community can contribute to help girls accessing education and reducing the incidence of this problematic.

To explore this instructional module please click here.

Welcome page - Benefits of Educating Girls

Welcome page – Benefits of Educating Girls

I really hope this little instructional module touches the heart of people out there the same way the documentary “Girl Rising” touched my heart in order to somehow help a girl in need of education.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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