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Welcome to my site

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Hi 😀

Welcome to this space where I want to share this journey I recently started in which I am experimenting with some little projects in the Learning and Development field. I am an electronic engineer but I always enjoy that part of my job where I have to share my knowledge with my colleagues. In my professional career as engineer when I had to develop training materials I was so excited! Even more excited than when I had to do purely engineering work :O

The good thing is that among all my engineering work I always find opportunities to develop courses, documentation, work instructions, training materials, operation manuals, and assessment tools. And If I don’t have the opportunity at work, then I create opportunities to create content like in my Spanish blog (thaisgomez.wordpress.com), where I share my experiences of being a Venezuelan living in Australia, or like the Spanish classes I teach sometimes when I find enthusiastic students that want to learn my native language.

In the next posts I’ll share more in detail my little projects in L&D*. For the moment, thanks so much for visiting this site.

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Enjoying this journey

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Enjoying this journey

*L&D: Learning and Development.


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