Combining Learning Objects

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Learning Object: Graphic.

Combining Learning Objects

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I have been studying the impact of multimedia elements to create engaging learning experiences.

This post is my final project where I combine different multimedia components such as graphics, a text document in PDF format, an audio, and a screencast. In this particular project, all these components are related to the topic of Blogs and Blogging.

A Learning Object

Learning Component: Graphic.

Learning Component: Graphic.

Learning Component: Graphic.

Learning Component: Audio.

Podcast about Blogging.

Learning Component: Text.

Click in the document called What is a Blog? to learn more about this topic.

Learning Component: Screencast.




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I am an electronic engineer curious about the learning and development field. I think there are many opportunities out there to fully develop our potentials.


Nina Dagre

January 5, 2016at 5:24 am

Hey Thais,

Really excited to see how much you have enriched your personal blog. Looking forward to your new posts.



    January 5, 2016at 6:56 am

    Thanks Nina! I really like blogging, I should do it more often 🙂

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